Healing Through Poetry

Sep 6, 2020 | Poetry, Self-Care

Are you on a healing journey? Are you seeking to discover, uncover, and recover parts of yourself you have lost?

Me too.

For years I forgot I was a poet. I’m not sure how or when it happened. But I stashed my journals and suppressed my creativity.

Then a couple years ago, I started recreating songs and capitalizing on my natural poetic tendencies. It was all for fun and silliness.

Fast forward to Fall 2019. I connected with writers and I remembered WHO I was. I reconnected with my inner poet. It was as if I had paid the water bill and cool water flowed through the tap again. It was refreshing and thirst quenching! I realized I had been thirsting for expression of my inner self.

Once I tuned into my poetic self, she fiercely arrived! Other poets arrived into my life too! Connecting with other poets, reading and hearing their healing words reignited my desire to speak my poems aloud! My miraculous healing poems allowed me to heal past trauma, let go of anger, forgive, and step into a life of JOY! If you want to come enjoy poetry with me, come join my group High Vibe Tribe on Facebook.

What have you left behind? What parts of you have you hidden? Go find them!!!!

Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to clear and ask in your mind, what have I forgotten? What joy can I reveal?

Please share with me what you discover!

Here’s a poem about finding myself.

Lost and Found

There you are! 

I’ve found you 

buried under years of 

perfection and 



Let’s dust you off. 

There’s a little shine 

coming through. 


Dear one, 

I’m so sorry 

I left you behind. 

I’ve thought of you 

from time to time, 

but then- I pause – 

I got busy. 


You know, 



overwhelming myself 

with to do lists 

and people to “help”. 


I heard you cry, 

Help ME! 

I did. 

I heard you and 

I ignored you. 

I am so sorry. 

I know you’re wondering 



You may not want to 

come back and 

be with me. 

I’m not offering empty promises. 

This time, it’s different, 

I’m different. 


Can you see that? 

Can you see me? 

I mean the WHOLE me? 

I’m not in pieces anymore. 

All of me is here.


Tell you what. 

I’d like to offer you 

this piece of me 

as a sign of my commitment. 


I promise, 

if I don’t come through. 

I will let you keep it. 

Free of charge, 

no questions asked. 

No taksee-backsees, 

pinky swear!


Let’s just clean you up a bit. 

Let’s shine the dull spots. 

How about a hug?


Too soon? 

Fist bump?

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Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Kelly is an occupational therapist, author, wellness coach and loving wife and mother. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has over 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders. With a degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, she has a unique skill set for creating lasting change!

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