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Meet Kelly

I know you’re beyond exhausted. You’ve probably got into the habit of trading out your sleep to get more items off your mind and to do list. Are you also prioritizing the need of everyone else before your own? I have been there too.

Listen, after having a kid, who wasn’t consistently sleeping through the night, I hit rock bottom!

I took my 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders an occupational therapist and overhauled my health, my wellness, and my home environments.

My personal wellness journey has included life with food allergies, decluttering spaces, detoxifying my body and my environment, personal growth and so much more! Now, I am here to co-create your wellness journey. Together, we will identify your wellness priorities and develop a plan that you are excited to follow!

Creating Lasting Change

Look, making life changes isn’t often hard. I bet your challenge has been maintaining them? Me too! You can create big change through simple, tiny steps. Imagine yourself taking bite sized chunks of wellness. You easily digest them and integrate them into your life. Then you come back for another manageable bite. I’m here to help you choose where to begin your journey and support you in creating lasting change. Start by getting the best sleep. I am so passionate about helping you. I want you to sleep better tonight!


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