About Kelly

Occupational Therapist
Wellness Coach
Loving Wife & Mother

Meet Kelly

Kelly is an occupational therapist, author, wellness coach and loving wife and mother. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has over 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders. With a degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, she has a unique skill set for creating lasting change!

With two books in process, Kelly is emerging on the wellness scene with a refreshing perspective and a sense of humor. She believes the journey toward healing and wellness begins with one small step. Each small step builds on the next until you find yourself embodying wellness.

Creating Lasting Change

Making life changes isn’t often hard. Our challenge is maintaining them! Is this something you have struggled with in the past? Me too!

I believe in creating big change through tiny steps. Imagine yourself taking bite sized chunks of wellness. You easily digest them and integrate them into your life. Then you come back for another manageable bite. I’m here to help you choose where to begin your journey and support you in creating lasting change.

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