Defining Radical Self-care

Nov 2, 2020 | Mindset, Mom entrepreneur, Self-Care, working mom

This month in my Facebook Group, Working Parents-Making It Work, we’re tackling all the self-care tips!!!

November Self-care Tips


  1. How do you define self-care?
  2. What key elements must be included for you?
  3. If you shifted your definition to radical self-care, how would you amp up the definition?
Okay, take a sip of your coffee or tea, this isn’t a pop quiz! LOL.
Maybe, like me, you intellectually understand you’re a human who needs care, but you’ve struggled to put your self first. This can be a common error among moms, particularly moms with many competing demands.
Thus, I use radical self-care.
Radical self-care – the decision, day by day or moment by moment, to put myself ahead of all other competing demands and people.
How does that definition feel to you? Does it resonate?
Is your inner naysayer finding all the buts and ifs?
Maybe you feel triggered, like I used to be, by the possibility of putting me first. You do not need to take the path of the martyr.
You get to decide, I am my own biggest priority not in spite of everyone else, but because you want to be able to give from an overflowing cup!
Come over to the group and give us some feedback. Does this definition work for you? Why or why not?
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Meet Kelly

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