Becoming a Delegation Pro (And 4 Things to Delegate Today!)

Aug 27, 2020 | Mom entrepreneur

I’ve made a commitment to myself to give up lone action. For too long, I’ve relied on myself to get everything done. Can you relate?

If you too have built success on your ability to go it alone, you know what happens. Here’s my take on the story.

Girl has great idea.

Girl makes plans.

Girl attempts to complete plans on her own.

Girl gets tired and frustrated.

Girl is burned out and gives up idea.

Girl feels bad for lack of success with said endeavor. Girl eats pint of ice cream.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

This girl FINALLY figured out how to break the pattern. Here’s my new story.

Girl has great idea.

Girl makes plans. Girl picks items on the plan which can be delegated.

Girl builds dream team! Dream team gets stuff done.

Girl takes a nap or goes for a walk. She’s figured out how to preserve her energy and get shit done.

Girl smiles and sits down to write a blog.

That’s my personal vision of happily ever after!

Mama entrepreneurs lean in now! Your creative energy is needed in the world. Don’t try to prove you can have it all and do it all. STOP! Do what you are uniquely designed for and delegate the rest. There are professionals waiting to help you. You have loved ones who will happily lighten your load.

Here are 4 Items to Delegate Today!

  1. Your website design and maintenance. Kicking myself for not having delegated this beauty sooner. (Many thanks to Tara at Projects Made Simple!!) I enlisted a VA to do in 6 hours what took me more than 6 months to partially complete. (Face palm.)
  2. Your household to do list. Girl, mind dump it and post it for the whole family. I guarantee most of the items can be a whole family list. While you’re at it, release the need to control the quality with which those items are completed. Repeat after me, done is better than perfect.
  3. Paying bills by check. Seriously, get all your bills on autopay. It will give you free time. If you love mailing things, use those stamps for handwritten thank you notes.
  4. Two words – Grocery delivery! I love this one. I order Misfit Market for produce and having someone bring the other groceries to my door is worth the price of delivery.

What are your favorite delegation worthy tasks? Share in the comments with your fellow mama entrepreneurs.


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Meet Kelly

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