Busting Limiting Beliefs

Oct 10, 2020 | Mom entrepreneur, Self-Care

I once worked for a boss who was a true narcissist.

She was all about herself, her gains, her needs. Her favorite thing about me was how I could anticipate her desires without her saying a word. 

I favored codependent behavior at that time in my life and fell right into a people pleasing pattern. This was my limiting belief.

How familiar are you with the term “limiting beliefs”?
I definite them as:

habitual, and frequently unconscious, beliefs about yourself, others, or your world, which limit your personal growth.

They can show up when we are feeling vulnerable and convince us to play small. They can keep us in “analysis paralysis” or not allow us to move forward with our big, beautiful ideas.

It didn’t end well when I finally resigned. (I’m grateful for my therapist at the time who helped me through what I call my “work divorce”.)

What if the limiting beliefs you have could just go away? 

What would you do and say? Who would you become?


Begin with a deep breath. Maybe a second one.

Close your eyes and ask yourself, what am I ready to release?

Today, I release the need to please everyone. As an empath, I almost always know what people around me want. I can anticipate their needs and unconsciously shift to give them what they want. At times, it requires personal sacrifice or giving more than I energetically have available. 

If you feel comfortable, share the limiting belief you’re releasing in Working Parents Making It Work. You’re welcome to borrow mine, if it is also one with which you struggle. 

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Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Kelly is an occupational therapist, author, wellness coach and loving wife and mother. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has over 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders. With a degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, she has a unique skill set for creating lasting change!

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