Change Your Inner Voice, Challenge Your Inner Critic

Oct 26, 2020 | Mindset, Mom entrepreneur, Self-Care, working mom

Inner Champion 

“Girl, get up! A beautiful morning routine awaits you and there will be coffee!”

Smiling, I opened my eyes and shifted to the edge of the bed. I had already turned off my alarm and let myself drift towards sleep, but my inner voice stopped me.

Placing one foot and then the other on the floor, she continued, “Yes! One foot in front of the other, you got this!”

She is loud and she is passionate and she is kind. Today was the first day, I realized, she is alone my head.

Who’s Missing?

My inner critic was silent this morning. She must have hit snooze. She didn’t show up to challenge me and convince me to go back to sleep.

To be fair, I asked her to take a break. I’ve had her working so hard for years keeping up with the “why, bothers” and “you’re not good enoughs.”

The Big Mindset Shift

I asked my inner champion to get louder, to speak with greater love, and be my champion.

She knows my plans, holds me accountable, and celebrates my follow through.

How does the world stand to gain from you silencing the inner critic and believing your inner champion?

mother and daughter enjoying sunny morning

Why Change Your Mindset?

Right now, the world needs more women waking up believing in themselves and encouraging their own hearts.

Right now, the world needs children to celebrate their capacity for creativity.

Right now, mama, you have a choice. You get to decide if this moment right here’s when YOU decided to shift.

It’s a matter of choice. Decide to make this one easy.

What do you stand to gain?

You have only possibility ahead of you. You can wake up feeling amazing and capable. You can execute one small step at a time towards your biggest dreams. You can dare to dream bigger without your inner critic squashing you before you begin.

You’ll gain the gift of presence, joy, and the ability to have celebration as a default.

How do you create the inner champion and silence the inner critic?

Step 1: Decide.

It’s simple and it can be hard. If you’re a mom, you’re built for addressing undesirable behaviors. Speak to your inner critic as you would speak to a child.

“You may join me as I do my work, but I need you to sit quietly.” Speak firmly, but with love in your heart.

Step 2: Affirmations and Gratitude

Flex your positivity muscle! Look yourself in the mirror everyday and feed your mind with words you want to hear on repeat.

“I am worthy.”

“I am enough.”

“I am a badass the world has never seen.”

“I am creating a beautiful world.”

Then, at bedtime write down at least five fully detailed reasons to celebrate your life. We’re changing you default to seeing the negative. We’re actually changing the way your brain, the Reticular Activating System to be precise, recognizes blessings.

Step 3: Celebrate the Small Wins

I actually want you to tell yourself you did a good job. Give yourself a pat on the back or a self high five when you follow through.

Awkward? Maybe. You get to decide it’s not awkward. It’s a way to affirm and train your mind to encourage every little step towards your dreams.

Step 4: Choose the Champion Everyday

You may have figured out by now the inner critic and the inner champion are the same. There aren’t two voices.

Choose the champion. Ask for her to show up. Celebrate when she does.

Ask the critic to take a break. For more impact, say it out loud!

Share Your Progress

Come tell me how this is working in your life. Join me on Facebook at Working Parents – Making It Work or Being Well With Kelly. Or come find my latest post on Instagram @beingwellwithkelly and tell me what’s working for you!

You aren’t here to play small. You are here to go bigger than you can currently imagine! Go all in on shifting your mindset!

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Meet Kelly

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