4 Simple Steps for Working Moms to Get Rest

Oct 23, 2020 | Mom entrepreneur, Rest, Self-Care, working mom

This month in Working Parents – Making It Work we are exploring healing.

Today’s focus is getting rest.

Exhibit A – Mom drinking tea and watch Get Organized on Netflix in a quiet living room alone.

Okay truth bomb question…

How many of you are really good at working? I mean you can work and work and work and push and keep going?

I am the same. Once in motion, I’m pretty hard to slow down. 

Objects in motion remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force. 

Don’t let the outside force be your body breaking down. Use some inside force to fall just short of spectacular in your work and commitments. Think 70% efficiency and energy commitment. 

You can’t give 100% to everything and everyone all the time!

Recently, I have become a pro at rest and I’m taking my family with me.

Pushing and working hard has been my default, but it’s time to change my settings.

So, how do I change the default?

  1. Cultivate and maintain a badass morning routine. I get up early, I meditate, journal, and write.
  2. Set boundaries and limits around my access to social media and my availability to other people and commitments. It requires practicing the word “no”.
  3. Establish a sleep routine and environment conducive to sleep. (Find out more in my free Facebook group Poor Sleep Bites)
  4. Choose rest first. Schedule it and honor it.

Mom and child resting on couchHow will you rest today? And are you as obsessed with THE as I am??? 

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Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Kelly is an occupational therapist, author, wellness coach and loving wife and mother. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has over 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders. With a degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, she has a unique skill set for creating lasting change!

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